2 Must-See National Parks in Utah

Every time I’ve visited Utah I feel like I’m in a scene of, “The Hills Have Eyes,” and I’m about to get slashed, or even burned to death by the scorching heat. However, any one who has spent any time there will tell you Utah is its own unique adventure paradise. This state is actually… Continue reading 2 Must-See National Parks in Utah


A Dose of Vitamin Sea

Sit back, relax and let me take you to a beautiful oasis. The land of Hollister for a preteen, of avocados and acai bowls for 20 year old girls, of palm trees, ocean breezes and almost around the clock sunshine for a retiree. The home of a naval base for a navy seal, of uggs… Continue reading A Dose of Vitamin Sea


My (Healthy) Addictions

Somehow you found yourself on my blog page, and I thank you for that, because this wouldn’t be as much fun without you! My name is Abby Arend. I’m a 23 year old Midwesterner. The stereotype sums me up pretty well: a friendly, uninteresting farm-dweller. Despite the debate, I’d like to believe that one of… Continue reading My (Healthy) Addictions