My (Healthy) Addictions

Somehow you found yourself on my blog page, and I thank you for that, because this wouldn’t be as much fun without you!

My name is Abby Arend. I’m a 23 year old Midwesterner. The stereotype sums me up pretty well: a friendly, uninteresting farm-dweller. Despite the debate, I’d like to believe that one of those are true (the friendly part, come on) and although yes, I basically grew up in the middle of a cornfield, I wouldn’t call it a farm, and I do like to think I am maybe a little interesting. Regardless, I am proud of where I am from, and the Iowa that made me continues to hang with me no matter where I end up.


Currently, I live in the pissing rain and 0% sunshine a day city of Portland, Oregon. One of the moodiest cities on Earth. One second it is raining, but then you blink, and suddenly the sun decides to do his job. That ball of fire makes its own schedule I guess. Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually not toooo gloomy in the PNW, at least this year anyway, and I really love it here!

Anyway, I’m not positive, but I think most intros should answer the questions, why am I here (not philosophically) and why am I beginning a blog? So let’s bop into that.

I am an addict, but not in the way most people describe the word. I am an addict of all things travel, adventure, and healthy lifestyle.

There came a day I realized my addictions needed a remedy. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem, so naturally, I admitted myself to a teaching abroad program. I am just beginning this journey, and I want to bring you along with me. But, the addictions don’t stop there. I also am addicted to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In fact, my gateway drug was growing up playing almost every sport imaginable, and now I’m addicted to fitness and good health. If you can relate to my addictions, you will be able to relate to my upcoming blog posts; I promise I won’t disappoint.


This blog gives me the opportunity to share my experiences, express my thoughts/ideas and jimble jangle that goes on in my life. You can look forward to reading about places I’ve been, travel advice, hikes I’ve gone on, my lifestyle, the teaching abroad process and other aspects about my passions.  I am ABnormal and this is my normal. I want to campaign my lifestyle that showcases travel & adventure and teaching abroad while also sharing aspects that make me, me.

Thus, I welcome you to follow along in, “Ab’snormal,” because I am so excited to finally share my voice, build a community or “support system” for my serious addictions and most importantly, step out of my comfort zone in creating this. As Tony Robbins said, “the only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” So, here we go!


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