Travel: Pros and Cons – By The AGE Review (Abbey Ryan)

For me, travel is a delight, but for you it could be a headache. Why such radically different opinions?

Simply, because life is your perspective, and your preferences follow it.

Make sense?



You do what you do for reasons you understand. You like what you like because of what you deem important, enjoyable, or worth the time it takes to do it. You see everything through your own lens, and while some people are immensely blessed to be able to empathize and understand someone else’s point of view, the default is your own. It takes effort to not see things your way.

You can grow your perspective, you can change your perspective, you can learn a great deal and thereby alter your perspective. But your life can only be to you as your perspective is of it. I love what I love because of what I see as important, but does that make the important thing actually important, or is my perspective off? A helpful way to figure this out is a list of pros and cons. Here’s mine:


Experience: Barely anything trumps this for me. Some experience is better than other experience (some places are prettier, some food is better, some walks are safer), obviously, but all of it is thick with experience. I love doing what I’ve never done.

Learning: You learn so much when you travel, not only about the places you’re going, but also about the people you go with, the people you meet, yourself now and yourself after you travel. Who knows what abundance of knowledge you’ll pick up when you travel!

The views, the food, the people: Things you encounter. New smells, new sights, new pictures, new stories. Not all of travel is glorious, obviously, but it will be new. Some of it will remind you of other new things, some of it you’ll learn to not like—but things you encounter will always be amazingly themselves.

It changes your perspective: You won’t think exactly the same things that you’ve always thought after you travel. For me, this is everything.



Expense: No matter how you do it, travel costs. It costs money, time, effort, convenience, and sometimes comfortability. If you’re unwilling to give up these things, then you may as well give up travel.

The Unknown: Some people love the unknown, and sometimes the unknown is good—but it will always be unknown, so you don’t really know if it’s good or bad, do you?

Lessened comfortability: Plane rides are sometimes cramped. Car rides are sometimes long. Hotels sometimes smell. Water sometimes tastes bad. When you travel, you don’t know what will be uncomfortable and what will be fine, so you must go with the flow. For me, that’s fine, but for you?

It changes your perspective: You won’t think exactly the same things that you’ve always thought after you travel. For some, this is worth avoiding.

These are just a few pros and cons. Figure out your perspective. How do you view life?




Abbey loves trying new things, especially when it’s what other people hesitate to try. She loves writing, travel, writing about travel, art, and discovering both the known and the unknown–as well as inviting others to do the same with me. She loves laughing–at people, but also with them–and has always had some extra patience for quick wit. Check out more from Abbey on her blog, The AGE Review!

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