How to Become TEFL Certified Through International TEFL Academy

Whether you dream of spending a year living abroad in Spain, or desire to earn extra income on the comfort of your own couch, becoming TEFL certified is the right move for you.

When I decided to become TEFL certified I was fresh out of college. I didn’t like the idea of aimlessly applying for jobs I had little interest in. I knew I wanted to travel, and I knew I enjoyed travelling with a purpose, and becoming TEFL certified did just that.

Not only was I certain I wanted to become TEFL certified, I wanted to be certified through a credible program, which is why I became certified through International TEFL Academy (ITA).

Here’s a step by step process on how I became TEFL certified through ITA.

Research Programs – There are several TEFL programs to select from, therefore the process of researching programs may seem a little tedious. When deciding the credibility of programs, I focused on a few aspects important to me. These included cost, job placement, one on one guidance and course work.  ITA ensured both lifetime job placement assistance, as well as state of the art curriculum. Not only did ITA meet all of my requirements, it also meets international standards as well. As ITA states:

To ensure that our TEFL certification meets international standards quality and delivery, this curriculum has been externally monitored and approved for accreditation by TQUK, an officially Awarding Organization that is recognized and regulated by Ofqual, the British Government body responsible for monitoring and maintaining educational standards in the United Kingdom. The curriculum also meets internationally recognized requirements of a minimum of 100 hours of academic work and 6 hours of practicum (student teaching/observation) for a professional level TEFL certification.

After completing research from numerous programs, ITA was on the top of my list. At this point, it was time to begin a conversation with an ITA advisor to get the full scoop.

Contact Admissions Advisor – After filling out a brief brochure, I was soon in contact with an Admission’s Advisor. My advisor answered my questions and assisted me with matters such as my eligibility & enrollment; course costs & logistics (such as housing); and my options for employment as an English teacher once I completed my TEFL Class.

After speaking with my Admissions Advisor, it was clear I was going to commit to ITA. This was simply because of their positivity and support, as well as their proven guidance in the job search process. Then, it was just a question as to where I would take my course, and my Admissions Advisor helped me sort it all out.

Where to Take the Course – ITA has 3 options to take the class and achieve a certificate. These options include online, in a classroom and a classroom abroad. Consequently, this helped me eliminate competing programs which didn’t provide the same accommodations. The one on one guidance combined with the possibilities of where to take the course led me to believe there was a strong alumni group, as well as a decent amount of professional teachers working for ITA. This further convinced me to take my course through ITA.

I knew I was going to take the course online because I wasn’t near a big city which provided a course. Additionally, I wanted to work and save money simultaneously, and this option was perfect for that scenario. However, I did take some time to consider the choices listed below.

  • Online
    • 170 hour class & 20 hour practicum
    • 11 weeks part-time
    • 10-12 hours of work per week
    • Practicum completed on your own time within a year of your start date
  • Classroom
    • Professional-level class run from 9 am – 6 pm
    • 5 days a week
    • 10-14 students
    • Practicum is often completed in the evenings
  • Abroad
    • 25 locations worldwide (Asia, Europe, Latin America)
    • Typically apply for jobs immediately after your course within the same country

Tuition – Once I made it to this point, aka the worst part of the process, and after I discussed my plan with my Admission’s Advisor, it was time to drop down the dough. At the time of my enrollment, I paid around $1,200 to take the course online. This was, and still is, the cheapest option because I wasn’t paying for housing and I was working simultaneously. Therefore, I actually made my money back quite quickly.

If you’d like to compare the costs and tuitions visit this link.

Coursework – The coursework for ITA is state of the art and ensures that you are well equipped to teach English efficiently. Some content the course covers includes the role of the teacher, cultural sensitivity and methods and approaches, just to name a few units. To learn more about the coursework visit this link.

Not only does ITA prepare you to create solid lesson plans, they also prepare you to teach in an unfamiliar class setting. The cultural differences you will encounter abroad, or even online, are aspects ITA guarantees you will be aware of and ready for.

ITA sets you up for success for your teaching journey. From their Facebook groups, country comparison charts, large alumni network and impeccable job search guidance, ITA doesn’t fall short with providing you the tools to teach abroad, and to do it well.

Not only is ITA an amazing program, they also represent an incredible way of life which advocates travel and positively impacting others. When I committed to becoming TEFL certified, I knew at any given moment I could decided to hop on a plane and travel, all while doing something meaningful. Who wouldn’t love having that option?! A TEFL certification basically guarantees a job from anywhere in the world, and you have it for life. The process is easy and before you know it you will be in Thailand spending your days eating pad thai and wondering why you hadn’t done this sooner.

If this is something that intrigues you to the slightest, please email or message me and I can get you in contact with an advisor right away!


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