About Me

Where am I from? A hidden gem in the overlooked state of Iowa named Decorah. It’s a beautiful and quaint small town in northeast Iowa. Limestone, bluffs and the Upper Iowa River make up its scenic beauty, but the Midwest politeness is by far its best characteristic.

What’s my biggest adventure to date? Backpacking across Europe for two weeks my junior year of college. Living with what was on my back, managing money and trying not to get lost throughout major cities and countrysides. Such a thrill.

The craziest thing I’ve eaten while on my travels? Horse. There are many gooey and ewwy things like squid and parts of cows I didn’t even know existed and tried anyway, but horse is still too crazy to me. I always wanted a pony.

How old am I? 23 years young. The world is my oyster.

What was my major in college? Political Science and minored in Psychology.

Favorite travel blogs? Round the World Girl, Our Travel Passport, A Sense of Huber and Jimmy Chin.

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My (Healthy) Addictions