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9 Proven Ways to Increase Your Longevity

You eat kale, whole grains and even ride your bike to work everyday. After sitting behind a desk for 8 hours, you lift weights, catch up with family, have a glass of wine, then go to bed. All to do it again the very next day. You do the best you can, but is it… Continue reading 9 Proven Ways to Increase Your Longevity


How to Spend 2 Days in Amsterdam

Amsterdam. You’ve likely had the urge to visit, and for good reason. The distinctive city in the Netherlands has the perfect combination of art, history and entertainment. It’s the triple threat. With remarkable canals, narrow buildings, cycling paths and remnants of the Golden Age, it will have you saying Amster(dayum)! This is a city overflowing… Continue reading How to Spend 2 Days in Amsterdam


A Dose of Vitamin Sea

Sit back, relax and let me take you to a beautiful oasis. The land of Hollister for a preteen, of avocados and acai bowls for 20 year old girls, of palm trees, ocean breezes and almost around the clock sunshine for a retiree. The home of a naval base for a navy seal, of uggs… Continue reading A Dose of Vitamin Sea