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The Best and Worst of Bangkok

As one of the hottest cities in the world, Bangkok also showcased some of the hottest attractions. From golden temples and Buddha statues to parks and fortresses, Bangkok was my tourist's dream for a lesson in Thai culture. As much as Bangkok was filled with this rich culture, it was equally compiled of high energy, nightlife and… Continue reading The Best and Worst of Bangkok


Moving Without a Job

When it came to moving across the country, it felt like I was partaking in the Lewis & Clark Expedition, but 2k17 Abby style. This is mainly because I was moving west and it seemed fitting. I mean, let’s be real, most of my thoughts about moving to Oregon were based upon getting measles while playing… Continue reading Moving Without a Job


Happiest Places to Live in the World – What’s The Secret?

We spend the majority of our lives working, so it’s no wonder that the amount of work and what type of work we partake in greatly shapes our levels of happiness. Work-life balance, among many other facets, is a strong predictor of one’s happiness. Looking at data from the happiest countries on Earth, we begin… Continue reading Happiest Places to Live in the World – What’s The Secret?