How to Climb Mt. Hood

At an elevation of 11,250 stands the tallest peak in Oregon, Mt. Hood. The iconic mountain brings in roughly 15,000-20,000 visitors around the world attempting to summit each year.  Located just 50 miles east of Portland, Mt. Hood is a popular climb for urban city-dwellers and Pacific Northwest adventurers alike. In fact, Mt. Hood is… Continue reading How to Climb Mt. Hood

State Parks

Best Places to Hike in Oregon: Smith Rock State Park

The 6:00 a.m. alarm clock blares off and your body jolts forward wondering why you set an alarm for a Saturday. You abruptly awaken from your dream of Channing Tatum and snap into reality, remembering today is the day you planned to road trip to the much talked about Central Oregon town of Terrebonne. With… Continue reading Best Places to Hike in Oregon: Smith Rock State Park


2 Must-See National Parks in Utah

Every time I’ve visited Utah I feel like I’m in a scene of, “The Hills Have Eyes,” and I’m about to get slashed, or even burned to death by the scorching heat. However, any one who has spent any time there will tell you Utah is its own unique adventure paradise. This state is actually… Continue reading 2 Must-See National Parks in Utah