Moving Without a Job

When it came to moving across the country, it felt like I was partaking in the Lewis & Clark Expedition, but 2k17 Abby style. This is mainly because I was moving west and it seemed fitting. I mean, let’s be real, most of my thoughts about moving to Oregon were based upon getting measles while playing… Continue reading Moving Without a Job


What Do Millennials Value More – Time or Money?

We've all heard the phrase, "time is money," and many times it is followed with, "and money is time,” meaning you can use your time to make money. However, many don't consider the fact you can't use money to purchase more time. Imagine every time you glanced at your bank account you were glancing at… Continue reading What Do Millennials Value More – Time or Money?


2 Must-See National Parks in Utah

Every time I’ve visited Utah I feel like I’m in a scene of, “The Hills Have Eyes,” and I’m about to get slashed, or even burned to death by the scorching heat. However, any one who has spent any time there will tell you Utah is its own unique adventure paradise. This state is actually… Continue reading 2 Must-See National Parks in Utah